The company BANDIT nv/sa started in 1992, with the sole purpose of designing, manufacturing and marketing active security systems. BANDIT was a logical brand name for our products which are completely harmless to the user and environmentally friendly as well.  We are a typical technology based company, specialized in a niche sector of the security market place supplying many different types of customer, including leading national & multi-national security companies, and succeeding to grow into a worldwide market leader of fog security systems.

Company registration:
BTW BE 0436.648.765

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  • Complies with European CE and EMC Standards.
  • Complies with the Dutch Standard of the NCP: IWS11201-M and REQ 0248.
  • Complies with the French Standard of CNPP: testreport AI 10 00 17, approval No 2010-0032.
  • Complies with the Danish Standard of the F&P: Class 1, AIA 212. F&P registration No 10.212-00418.
  • Complies with the Offendicula report of the Italian Legislation.
  • Complies with EN50131-8.
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