Why a fog generator?

The only "weapon of defence" authorized to protect an individual’s property and assets is a fog generator as the method is passive, not violent. Indeed, the use of violence is exclusively reserved for the police and military.


Ever increasing numbers of private and commercial buildings are equipped with an alarm system. The purpose of this installation is to detect and report a possible burglary. On-site notification is typically done via the use of flashing lights and loud bells or sirens, whilst notification to a monitoring centre or Police Control Room is typically done via phone lines.


In practice, although the notifications are instant, attendance by the appropriate authorities (Police, Guards etc.) takes a considerable amount of time providing criminals with a ‘window of opportunity’ to both complete their intended crime and get away without being apprehended.


A fog generator provides an ‘active’ (instant) and unique solution to this problem. In a matter of seconds from when an intruder is detected, such a device is capable of ejecting a huge plume of ultra-dense fog thus preventing the intruders from entering the area.


The ejected fog deprives the intruders of their sense of sight, it makes it impossible for them to see their hand in front of their eyes! Whilst in some cases, where a siren is also installed, their sense of hearing can be deprived as well. This kind of sensory deprivation is possibly the most effective burglary deterrent system resulting in minimal loss or damage to property and assets.


Furthermore such fog is harmless to people, property and contents. Depending on the size of the room and the size of the breach, the fog can take up to 45 minutes to evaporate but leaves no residue once it has cleared.


Important considerations:


  • Reliability: It is essential that even if the device is standing inactive for long periods of time, even one or two years, that the moment an intruder signal is received, it must eject fog immediately.


  • Performance: Ideally fog generators should completely fill the area requiring protection within 10 seconds. This minimises the intruders thinking/planning time, ultimately the thought you want to provoke is that of one of leaving immediately.... which is the case!


  • Density: The density (opacity) of the fog should not allow eye to object vision of more than 30 cm. Indeed, with increased visibility the intruders could see their next move, so although they may have been slowed down, they may not have been forced to leave.



In essence, choose a reliable fog generator, capable of filling the area you want to protect in under 10 seconds and reducing the visibility level to 30cm or less.


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