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Robbing criminals and securing property!

Fight criminals with BANDIT active fog generators. Deprive them of the view of loot and ensure a protective environment at lightning speed. The BANDIT fog generator is a reliable and effective security solution, completely harmless, leaving no trace. Activate BANDIT and make every robbery or burglary attempt a missed opportunity!

BANDIT Never misses its mark!


Our products

BANDIT 240 Series

The BANDIT 240 series offers effective and reliable fog protection with the highest density on the market. This extremely powerful and fast fog generator is multifunctional due to its smart technology and integrated electronics.

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BANDIT 320 Series

The BANDIT 320 series, faster, more compact and user-friendly. The latest generation of fog generators where innovative techniques result in stunning results.

Fast, effective and reliable, Bandit fog generator

Bandit, the best and fastest fog generator on the market, inspected according to all international standards on safe operation and health criteria! The active protection of yourself and your property.

Overwhelmed by mega-thick fog

Immediately upon activation, via the alarm system or via a panic button, the robber is overwhelmed by a mega-dense fog. The BANDIT fog generator sprays the room full of impenetrable and harmless fog in seconds.

Blind and disoriented, no chance

Due to the enormous force, the thick fog is sprayed into the room at lightning speed and the robber can no longer see a hand in front of him, let alone a potential loot or a victim. The personnel and property present are invisible and thus secured.

Danger averted, safety assured

The robber is completely surprised, blind and disoriented. For he really can no longer see anything. The only reflex is to turn back and flee. This with little or no loot and no physical threat to anyone present.

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