The most effective fog security device

You can’t steal what you can’t see

Superfast  –  Powerfull  –  Reliable  – Safe  –  Effective


Owners, employees or private persons are often helpless against the overwhelming and violent methods used during ramraids, hold-ups or burglaries. Victims not only suffer from the material damage caused by such brutal events, but also the psychological impact can leave dramatic traces.


Warrrented: more than 25 years of experience in effectively preventing ramraids, hold-ups and burglaries

Active security: all criminal initiatives are immediately blocked by an overwhelming, mega dense fog

Overwhelmed by a mega dense fog

Immediately after the activation of the fog security device, manually thorugh a panic button or automatically trough a security alarm system, the criminal is overwhelmed by a mega dense fog. The Bandit security fog device is capable to fill out any room within a few seconds with an impenetrable and harmless fog.

Criminals can’t see their hand before their eyes.

The powerfull ejection of fog in a room takes away the visibility for any criminal activity, potential loot or in the event of a hold-up, any possible victim.

Get out!

Criminals are completely surprised and deprived of sight. The only reflex they will have is making sure they get out and run asap without any loot or physical threat towards persons eventually present at site.


Bandit, the best and fastest security fog device on the market certified following all international norms concerining secure functionning and health criteria.

Bandit, the active security for yourself and your properties