Bandit 240 series

BANDIT 240 series

The BANDIT 240 series offers an effective and reliable fog protection system with the highest density on the market. In just 2 seconds, the first 6m is completely packed with thick fog and the burglar's view is completely obstructed. Each unit fills 504m³ in just 18 mere seconds! Can operate either autonomously or linked to an existing alarm center.

The fog generator can either be linked to a controlling alarm center or can operate completely autonomously (as a stand-alone).

Protect your business

Equipped with a refillable aluminum fog cartridge.
Space coverage up to 504 m³ per unit in just 18 seconds!
Requires no maintenance
Barely 40 watts of energy consumption
The BANDIT 240 series fog generators are protected by several international patents.

HY-3 pack

Refillable aluminum fog cartridge
Fog liquid for producing more than 1500m³ of fog
Hermetically sealed(no expiration date)
Refill at low cost


/R 60

Standard nozzle suitable for all rooms

/R 0

Straight nozzle suitable for narrow spaces


Can be used in rooms with high ceilings or for targeted object protection

/L-option (extended)

For concealed installation (e.g. installation in cabinet)

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