The BANDIT 320 serie is the next generation of security fog devices, even faster, compact design and easy to be installed. The separate electronics not only provides the needed installation possibilities but is also easily integratable into the existing (present) alarm panel.

Also this security fog device can be integrated into an alarm control pannel or can be used fully autonomously (as a stand-alone device)

Equipped with 2 smart mono use cartridges.

Filling capacity up to 200m³ each device in only 4 seconds?


Only 24 Watts of energy consumption

The BANDIT 320 series security fog devices are protected by multiple international patents.

Installation possibilities

Vertical position (320 V)

Horizontal position (320 H)

Ceiling mount (320 C)



The Bandit 320 can be composed at your free choice.

The unit itself as well as the front facias are available in different colours and combinations

To personalize the unit, please follow the steps below

Smart cartridges

Intelligent mono use cartridges

Securing rooms up to 200m³

Choice of cartridge to use based on measurement of the room to be secured (8 different sizes available)

Easy replaceable (no expiration date)


Separated electronics

CF 31 v2 controller

EN-8 Connector

Easy programmable and settable electronics in a handy separate enclosure


Panic button



User friendly

Double activation button to avoid false activations

Extra alert button to report threatening situations

Front facias





Several colours and designs

Easy click system to exchange

Adjustable to any interior design

Offers a personal and trendy touch to your security fog device