Bandit 320 series

Bandit 320 series

The BANDIT 320 series is the most effective 360º fog protection on the market. Faster and more compact, suitable for all spaces. The electronics are contained in a separate module, keeping the 320 series small and unobtrusive, without sacrificing power and performance. In addition, you install it however you want, floor, wall or ceiling, the 320 is always on point. Moreover, it is easy to integrate into the existing alarm system. For those who want their fog protection to completely disappear into the environment, there are also several stylish front plates available.

Protect your business

Equipped with 2 intelligent disposable fog cartridges.
Space coverage up to 200 m³ per unit in just 4 seconds!
Requires no maintenance
Barely 24 watts of energy consumption
The BANDIT 320 series fog generators are protected by several international patents.

Smart patterns

Intelligent disposable cartridges
For spaces from 40m³ to 200m³
Choice to be determined according to the dimensions of the space to be protected (8 different sizes available)
Easily replaceable (no expiration date)

Separated electronics

EN-8 plug

CF 31 v2 controller

Easily adjustable electronics in a convenient separate housing

Interchangeable front plates

Easy to change thanks to our intuitive click system
Fully customizable for any type of interior
Gives a personal and trendy touch to your fog generator

Placement options

Vertical position

Horizontal position

Ceiling position

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